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DJ Sparkle's Boudoir

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour...and Shrews.

19 February 1984
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the *sparkle* in a nutshell...

i am small and i bounce a lot.

i am from birmingham and therefore (apparently) have a tendency to talk 'like a retard'.

i like clubbing and hugs and abstract art and films with pretty boys in. and actual pretty boys :). my favourite pretty boy is called chris. he is most fabulous and i love him very much.

just finished my second masters, which was in electronic communication and publishing, and looking for some kind of gainful employment (hopefully relating to digital resources for the arts and humanities) while dabbling in a bit of freelance web design type stuff.

before that i did archaeology, which was more fun but less useful.

i am a bit of a show-off, and do much dancing of various types and recently got back into drama after a bit of a hiatus, which is quite fabulous really.

i have an unnatural obsession with all things pink. and shrews. pink shrews - now there's a concept...

my pet!

i like new friends! if you would like to add me, please comment and let me know, particularly if you don't actually know me in real life or it's not apparent from your lj who you are. otherwise i'll assume you're a robot and ignore you :P.