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Yes, clearly I am way too retarded to design a website for anyone. If any of my fabulously clever LJ friends could give me some advice on this I would muchly appreciate it.

ETA: I made it work. I really am a fucktard sometimes.

So I'm doing this Drupal website, and have just been trying to install a module that I need to make a 'Forthcoming Events' section of the site. The module I'm installing is a lot more complex than the others I've used and actually requires itself to make another database (in addition to the database I have for the site as a whole).

However, when I put my details into the install program it came back saying that, although the username and password were fine, I did not have permission to create a database. I thought this was a bit odd so had a look in PHPMyAdmin, and sure enough it said that I have no privileges. Now this is a bit odd, because I am the only database user and it is my hosting account - so surely I should have Administrator access? I had a look at the Help manual for Parallels Plesk, which is the control panel I use, and it didn't say anything about granting privileges to database users. I also checked the MySQL manual to see if there was something I could type in the command line, but unsurprisingly, it turns out that I can't grant myself privileges that I don't have in the first place. Finally, I tried setting up a new user account, but all the information it asked for was the username and password - I couldn't actually set privileges or anything like that.

So I am totally confused as to why I don't seem to be able to create databases on my own account - I mean, I managed to create the one for the main site, although that might have been different because I was importing it from my computer's localhost, though I don't see how. So presumably I must have had the privilege at some point but have somehow lost it - I don't get why though, as I've been very careful not to play around with anything databasey, I only normally go into PHPMyAdmin if I need to make a backup. I also don't think it's anything to do with my hosting company, as the amount of databases I can have is unlimited and I'm not taking up anywhere near all my allocated space.

Any ideas as to what has happenened and how I can rectify this? Feeling very stupid and confused by it all :(.


lost_in_moose wrote:
Sep. 13th, 2009 11:17 am (UTC)
So... what was the solution?
pinksparklystar wrote:
Sep. 13th, 2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
Apparently my host doesn't allow people to create databases through PHPMyAdmin (and apparently this is normal), but there is a way of doing this through the control panel (which I must have done before and promptly forgotten about!).

Typical solution to one of my computing problems!

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